Every time you create a 3D composition using our powerful set of tools your main output file will have the *.adg extension.

ADG File Format 5.0 is the latest unique format for creation, delivery, viewing and controlling of 3D objects in multi-user environment on the Internet. ADG file is very compact and specifically designed for faster viewing time. It can be viewed on the Internet through ADG Java Viewer 5.0 that eliminates a Plug-in installation and gives a platform independent use on the Internet. ADG enables users in multi-user environment to view and control the interactive animated 3D virtual models in real-time remotely over the Internet. It makes any commercial presentation more memorable and enjoyable, affects a potential client’s buying decision and has a great potential for numerous applications on the Internet, especially in the fields of entertainment, product advertising, gaming industry, education and training. 

See ADG File Format specifications below, or try our products in action for free.

  • Environment Color texture mapping
  • Opacity texture mapping
  • Reflection texture mapping
  • Animated texture mapping
  • Gouraud shading Z-buffer
  • Dynamic mirrors
  • Color fog generator
  • Animation tracks support
  • Manual 3D objects manipulation (keyboard, mouse, joystick)
  • Networking support for synchronous multi-channel rendering
  • Polyview screen (picture in picture)
  • Bitmap and Windows font support for labeling the screen, textures, or bitmaps
  • External rendering subsystems support
  • Panorama support
  • 3D-morphing support.
  • Real time kinematics support.

Editor Characters

  • Automatic visibility culling for optimal performance
  • Tools to support character and animation authoring for 3D Studio Max
  • Smoothing group support for high quality shading
  • No limit to the number of materials used to texture or color characters
  • Materials can be animated using tinting, procedural rendering, and animations.

Character Animation

  • Animation based on either a hierarchical or a non-hierarchical bone system
  • Sharing of animations across different characters
  • Animations can be blended and mixed or partially applied
  • Animations are optimized to take up minimal space
  • Interpolation and blending subsystems can be used independently to animate other user objects

Driver Support

  • Direct3D (full screen and window)
  • Software driver for support on machines without hardware acceleration (full screen and window)

Additional Features

  • Math support for vectors and matrices
  • Basic network multi-player transport support
  • Multiple scenes can be loaded and rapidly switched
  • Multiple renders from different cameras can be mixed in a single frame
  • Kinematics support for object control

For ADG File commercial displaying on the Internet you have to obtain a License (buy ADG Registration Key). If ADG File is not registered properly you will see a watermark in Java Viewer Click here to purchase ADG File Registration Keys. You will receive a registration code by E-mail.