ADG 3D Tools for 3DStudio MAX®.

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Plug-in for 3DS MAX 4.0 - 12.0 . Copyright 2000-2010, Albatross Design Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

ADG 3D Tools (ADG Exporter & ADG Viewer) enables file export from 3DS MAX to ADG File Format developed for Web Publishing (Albatross Design Group, Inc. File Format, Copyright © 2000-2010.) ADG 3D Tools has a built-in ADG Viewer for fast viewing of 3D scenes in ADG File Format. No HTML or Java programming knowledge required! ADG Files can be viewed through ADG Java Viewer that eliminates a Plug-in installation and gives a platform independent use on the Internet.

ADG 3D Exporter 5.0 for 3DStudio MAX ®.

System Requirements

  • 3DS MAX 4.0 - 12.0 ®
  • Intel Pentium ® - class PC (3000 MHz or higher)
  • Microsoft ® Windows ® 95, 98, 2000 Professional, XP, Millennium, Vista, Win7
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari


    ADG Exporter is distributed within a single file ADGexporter.exe , so simply launch ADGexporter.exe file to start installation. The installer will automatically detect your 3DS MAX ® directory and install ADGview.dlu plugin into appropriate plug-in directory. ADG Direct3D Viewer will be installed into your system Program Files directory, Albatross subdirectory. If it has a problem locating 3DS Max directory, please, find it manually. As usually it is c:\3DSMax\Plugins\ , or you can get it from 3D Studio MAX ® Help. Installation does not affect any Windows system files, so there is no need to restart your computer after the installation. Use Start/Programs menu to launch ADG Exporter Sample file. Use corresponded icon on desktop to launch ADG Viewer .

    Note: ADG Viewer requires DirectX Version 6.0 or higher to be installed. You can download the latest versions on Microsoft ® Web Site.

Supported Properties

  • Z-buffer sorting
  • Supersampling Antialiasing
  • Multiple meshes within a scene
  • Standard materials
  • Diffuse, Ambient and Specular color
  • Specular Power
  • Material Transparency
  • Diffuse texture maps
  • Opacity texture maps
  • Reflection texture maps
  • AVI texture maps
  • Ambient Color
  • Background Color
  • Background Image
  • Omni Lights
  • Free and Target Camera
  • Perspective Viewports
  • Default Light inserting
  • Default Camera inserting
  • Default <World> node inserting
  • Key-framed animation
  • Rotation, translation, scaling and visibility track support
  • Text in Texture maker
  • Manual 3D objects manipulation (keyboard, mouse)
  • Javascript for 3D objects manipulation
  • Javascript for separately tracks control.
  • Javascript for texture map, colors and text control
  • Automated embedding into the web page
  • Web Browser preview

Viewing 3D Models using ADG Web Exporter

    1. On the Utilities panel, click More, and select "ADG Web Exporter".
    2. Click "Web Preview".

Viewing ADG Files using ADG Viewer 5.0

    1. Click "Launch Viewer"
    2. Select File-Open.
    3. In the Select File dialog box, choose a file name and click Open.

Exporting Files from 3DS MAX ® to ADG File Format

    1. Select File-Export.
    2. In the Select File dialog box type a file name and select location for the saved file, then click Save.

Embedding ADG Composition into Your WEB Site.

  • Press File Export button to store composition into .ADG format file.
  • HTML page will be created automatically, for example "yourfile.html" .
  • Upload files ADGview.jar, "yourfile.html", "yourfile.adg" you've just created earlier to the apprppriate Web Site Directory.

Viewing 3D Compositions through the WEB Browser on the Internet
Use a standard Web Browser. Type proper web address of the HTML page "yourfile.html", you've just uploaded. No special plug-in required.

The Trial Version of ADG 3D Tools is fully functional except for a watermark "Unregistered" in ADG Direct3D Viewer and ADG Java Viewer. To purchase a Registration Key, please click here and follow the instructions. Upon confirmation of payment, you will receive a registration code by email. After launching this Registration Key, registration reminders will cease and watermarks will no longer be added to your 3D scenes.

If you would like to troubleshoot a problem, or have a question regarding our products click here to view the FAQ page. If you have a technical problem, question or comment, please send e-mail to

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