ADG 3D Viewer 4.0.
FREE for Non-Commercial Use!

ADG Viewer, Version 4.0. Standalone application for Windows ® 95/98/2000 for real time rendering, animating, debugging and interactive manipulating of comlex 3D-scenes in ADG Format. Enables file export for Web Publishing.

3D Viewer

Minimum System Requirements

  • Intel ® - compatible CPU (150 MHz or higher)
  • Windows ® 95/98/2000
  • DirectX (realise 6.0 or higher)
  • 3D accelerator (recommended)
  • 64 MB RAM


    1. To install, simply unzip the zip file and run Setup.exe.
    2. Follow the installation instruction on your screen.

Supported Properties

  • Gouraud shading Z-buffer
  • Texture maps
  • Contour transparency maps
  • Reflection maps
  • Color fog generator
  • Animation tracks support
  • Manual 3D objects manipulation (keyboard, mouse, joystick)
  • Networking support for Remote Control
  • Direct3D support (full screen and in a window)

Viewing ADG Files

    1. Select File-Open.
    2. In the Select File dialog box, choose a file name and click Open.

Exporting ADG Files

    1. Select File-Save
    2. In the Select File dialog box, enter a file name, select a location and click Save.
    3. Select a location for the saved file, then click Save.
Important: There will be created (*.jpg) file, related to the texture materials & ADG Java Viewer 4.0 file - ADGview.jar. Do not separate them from the (*.adg) files to a different directory!

Embedding ADG Composition into Your WEB Site.

  • Press Save button to store composition into .ADG format file.
  • HTML page will be created automatically, for example "yourname.html" .
  • Upload from the ADG Viewer Directory to appropriate Web Site Directory.
  • Upload files ADGview.jar, "yourname.html", "yourfile.adg" and "yourfile.jpg" you've just created earlier to the same Web Site Directory.

Viewing 3D Compositions through the WEB Browser on the Internet
Use a standard Web Browser. Type proper web address of the HTML page "yourfile.html", you've just uploaded. No special plug-in required.

You may use this software for FREE for non-commercial purposes only; otherwise you must either buy a commercial version of software from ADG or remove it from your computer and stop using it. Please, read carefully License Agreement for more information. Every time you create the ADG File for commercial displaying it on the Internet/Intranet you have to obtain a License for ADG panorama & ADG File (buy ADG Registration Key). If ADG File does not have a Commercial License properly you will see a watermark in Java Viewer 4.0 "Non-Commercial License". Click here to purchase ADG Registration Keys. You will receive a registration code by E-mail. For quantity discount, please, contact our Sales Department.

If you have a technical problem, question or comment, please send e-mail to

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